We are on a mission to transform urban slums through service learning.


Over one billion people live in urban slums, and that number will grow to three billion within twenty-five years; it's one of today's largest and most complex global challenges that no one's talking about. Unfortunately, today's traditional aid methods are outdated, and current public policies of evictions and eradication are inhumane and unjust. So, what's the solution? We believe that an activated youth movement catalyzed by service learning will bring attention to the urban slums, prove that they can be the cities of tomorrow, and ultimately create long-lasting change. Come join us.



The Slum Problem

Find out more about the slum issue and why this unique context requires a solution beyond aid and traditional education delivery. 

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Our Unique Solution

We have created and are continuing to refine a model that is scalable, locally sustainable, relevant, and impactful. 

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