Our Mission

To activate urban slum youth to transform their communities through service learning.

Our Vision

To one day live in a world without slums. 

Why We Exist

We believe that urban slum youth matter and are capable. We exist to fight alongside them to solve one of today's and tomorrow's most challenging global issue and to create a new narrative for slums. We will defy norms, innovate, challenge traditional concepts, and tirelessly work --- all for the sake of the youth we serve. Our success is tightly bound with the success of the slum youth.

Our Core Values

  1. Strive for the best: From our solutions and ideas to our team and our partners, we aim to be the best and also expect nothing but the best.
  2. Community: We believe that a perfect world can be achieved if we share our resources and are good stewards of the assets we have been bestowed.
  3. One Global Family: We treat everyone with the same level of respect and love, whether it's a 8 year old donor to our field partners to the people we serve.
  4. Integrity and Accountability: We will always err on doing things with too much honesty and integrity.
  5. Work Harder, Play Hard: We have goals that reach the stars and are working tirelessly to ensure impact, but will also enjoy the ride up there. 

So, Why "The Supply?'

What shapes our core values and subsequently our work, is the founding belief that this world can truly be a better place if we learn to live lives of selfless service for our neighbors and communities. That our institutions, including schools, need to move away from the "Supply meets Demand" narrative in which individual pursuits and dreams are fulfilled, and move toward an ideal in which "Supply meets Supply" -- a stewardship of our own assets and resources to become aware of, advocate for, and lift up the hopes and needs of someone else.